This is a straight-forward overview of the divorce process.

This Is It. I’m Ready!
Your Personal Decision to Divorce

2 Initial Meeting With Your Lawyer
Determination of the process to follow, Traditional, Mediation, or Collaborative.

3 Petition Prepared & Filed
You work with your attorney and team to file for divorce

4 Settlement?
Start discussion for amicable settlement.

5 Settlement Discussions
Discussion between attorneys on areas of agreements/disagreements

6 Discovery
Prepare questionnaires, interrogatories and depositions

7 Hire Experts
A forensic accountant, CPA or Appraiser to evaluate community property

8 Preliminary Financial Disclosure
Each party files a financial disclosure form under penalty of perjury

9 Mutual Requests
Formal or Informal requests for spousal support/child support; visitations, custody and other needs

10 Final Financial Disclosures
Each party files its Final Financial Disclosures forms.

11 Voluntary Settlement Conference
The parties decide that they would like to settle instead of going to trial and incurring more attorneys’ fees

12(a) The Parties Settle!
The parties settle. No one gets exactly what they want but everyone wins!

12(b) No Settlement- Trial Setting
The parties request a trial date.Trial Setting Conference
The attorneys participate in a trial setting conference

14 MSC
Mandatory Settlement Conference ordered by the court.

14(a) Another Chance to Settle.
The parties settle. No one gets exactly what they expect, but everyone wins!

14(b) No Settlement.
Attorneys report to the court that there is no settlement. The Judge sets a trial date

15 Continuances
The Orange County Family Law Court System is overwhelmed by pending cases and/or the attorneys have court appearances conflicts on specific dates

16 Trial Starts
Attorneys require so many days for this trial

17(a) Parties Settle!
Parties settle before the start of trial, during the trial, or after the trial and before the court judgement.

17(b) Case Goes to Trial
The court makes a judgment based on the evidence presented by the attorneys, the witnesses and the experts.