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We are a full service family law firm that exclusively work with divorce, custody and support issues. Nancy Dahan was admitted to the California State Bar in 1988 and has since been practicing Family Law in Los Angeles and Orange County Courts. Kathleen Brown has been a family law attorney for over 23 years. Denise Vattani Heinz has been practicing law with Brown Dahan in Orange County since 2014

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She had my best interest at heart

9/7/2017 I would like to thank Brown & Dahan and specifically Denise Heinz for helping me with a private family law matter. Denise always responded quickly to any of my questions and/or concerns; was very knowledgeable regarding my issues and always gave me various options on how to handle the problem. She helped guide me through making some life changing decisions and she genuinely cared about how I was feeling through the whole process . She was a great listener and I felt like she always put me first and had my best interest at heart. I would recommend  Brown & Dahan for your family law needs.
Dana A.
Mission Viejo, CA
Practicing Family Law Since 1988

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a free consultation as we like to interview you as much as you like to interview us. Our practice is exclusive to family law issues and we take on clients that will help us get them the best outcome.

Mediation Services When The situation Calls for it

We are set up for aggressive litigation, but we always look out for our clients’ best interest and being ready for litigation sometimes makes opposing parties agree to alternative to litigation, so we offer mediation services, which can potentially help the client achieve a satisfactory and cost-effective resolution. 

Before our first meeting, you need to prepare two documents if at all possible. One is a simple biographical information — your full name, address, phone numbers, place of employment, address of employment, date of birth, your driver’s license number, your social security number, the same information on your spouse, your date of marriage, and your children’s full names, sex, and dates of birth. The other is a narrative of your marriage — describe yourself, your spouse, your history together, your past marital problems, your current marital problems, your children, your strengths and weaknesses, and your spouse’s strengths and weaknesses. In the narrative, let the attorney know what you think the issues are going to be in the divorce. The length of your narrative depends upon which of the three categories you fit into. If you are just seeking basic divorce information because you are assessing your marriage, a page or two will suffice. If you have decided to file a divorce, or your spouse has filed a divorce against you, your narrative needs to be more detailed — probably three to 10 pages.

The next group of items that you will need to bring to your first meeting with you attorney is financial information. Your attorney will need to know about your assets and liabilities. If you or you and your spouse have recently completed a financial statement for a bank or mortgage company, bring it to your first meeting. If not, sketch out for your attorney your basic assets — cash, checking accounts, savings accounts, IRAs, 401K, pension funds, houses and real estate, automobiles, and other assets of significant value. Also detail your debts, credit cards, mortgages, etc. Take your last two year’s tax returns to your first meeting with your attorney, along with year-to-date pay stubs for you and your spouse. Bring a list of your monthly living expenses.

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